Section 3.01 General Eligibility. All applicants are subject to approval by the Corporation and the Chapter Board of Directors. No person shall be eligible to participate in the Chapter as a member or an affiliate if that person is currently expelled or suspended from the Association or any other Chapter of the Association. All applicants must complete and submit a written application, pay applicable Chapter dues, and agree to abide by these Bylaws and the operational guidelines established by the Corporation.

Section 3.02 Qualifications for Membership. There are two categories of members: (1) Certified Fraud Examiners, and (2) Associate members.

Section 3.03 Certified Fraud Examiners. Any Certified Fraud Examiner of the Association who is in good standing may be a member of the Chapter under the terms set forth in these Bylaws. Certified Fraud Examiners may hold any Chapter office and shall have voting rights. Only Certified Fraud Examiners may hold the office of president or serve as training director. If deemed appropriate, the Board of Directors may allow one Certified Fraud Examiner to hold both of these positions.

Section 3.04 Associate Members. Any person who is an associate member of the Association in good standing may be a member of the Chapter under the terms set forth in these Bylaws. Associate members may be granted Chapter voting rights and the right to hold Chapter offices other than president.

Section 3.05 Eligibility for Affiliates of the Chapter. The Chapter Board of Directors, at its discretion, may allow other interested parties to become affiliates of the Chapter under the terms set forth below. Affiliates are those parties, regardless of their field of endeavor, who desire to align themselves with the Chapter.

Affiliates of the Chapter are not required to meet all the qualifications and requirements for membership in the Chapter or the Association, but are encouraged to do so. The Chapter Board of Directors may assess appropriate dues for affiliates and may establish other requirements for participation by affiliates as it deems appropriate.

Affiliates of the Chapter shall not be, nor represent themselves to be, members of the Chapter, shall have no Chapter voting rights, and shall not be eligible to hold any Chapter office.

Section 3.06 Dual Membership and Transfers of Membership. The Board of Directors may decide whether to allow members or affiliates from another Chapter to join as members or affiliates of its Chapter. Individual participation in one Chapter may be transferred to another Chapter, subject to the rules and regulations of both Chapters and the Corporation.

Section 3.07 Resignation. Any member or affiliate of the Chapter may resign at any time, but such resignation shall not become effective until accepted by the Chapter, and shall not relieve the resigning individual from the payment of dues for the expired portion of the current fiscal year, or give any right to rebate for dues paid, or any right to a prorated share or any other share of the assets of the Chapter. All resignations shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the Board of Directors.

Section 3.08 Suspension and Expulsion. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend or expel any member or affiliate for disciplinary reasons if it determines that the individual:

  1. Has been found guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year, a felony, or any crime involving moral turpitude as that term is defined in the bylaws of the Association;

  2. Has failed to abide by these Bylaws or has committed acts discreditable to the Chapter or its membership;

  3. Has been declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be insane or to lack legal capacity;

  4. Has made material misstatements on his or her application for membership;

  5. In the case of members, has failed to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics or Code of Professional Standards of the Association; or

  6. In the case of affiliates, has inappropriately identified himself/herself as a member of the Chapter or a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

No member or affiliate of the Chapter may be suspended or expelled unless he or she has first received written notice of the reasons for the proposed disciplinary action, which shall be delivered in person or to the individual’s last known address. The notice shall be delivered at least 30 days before a hearing of the Board of Directors to address the disciplinary action. The member or affiliate shall be afforded an opportunity to respond to the charges by a full hearing before a quorum of the Board of Directors before a final action is taken.

A disciplinary action under this section is effective immediately upon adoption by the Chapter Board of Directors. A member who has been suspended or expelled by the Chapter may appeal the decision to the Board of Regents of the Association. The decision of the Chapter Board of Directors to suspend or expel an affiliate is final and non-appealable.

Section 3.09 Non-payment of Dues. The Board of Directors may suspend or expel a member or affiliate who is at least 60 days’ delinquent in the payment of Chapter dues or other payments owed to the Chapter without a hearing, provided that proper notice of the delinquency was sent to the individual’s last known address at least 30 days prior to termination.

Section3.10 Reinstatement. The Board of Directors may provide the conditions and procedures under which the Chapter may reinstate a member or affiliate who has been suspended or expelled, or whose membership was otherwise terminated, provided that such reinstatement does not conflict with these Bylaws or the rules of the Association.

Section 3.11 Report of Chapter Participation. The Chapter shall furnish annually to the Corporation, or upon request, a list containing the names, addresses, and any other contact information for all members and affiliates of the Chapter. The list shall indicate the participation category of the person, such as a Certified Fraud Examiner, associate member, or affiliate. The Chapter shall also furnish the names and addresses for guests and non-member attendees at training meetings and other events, but only if such records of attendance are maintained by the Chapter.

Section 3.12 Training. The Board of Directors of each Chapter shall appoint a training director who is responsible for the continuing professional education (CPE) of Chapter members and affiliates of the Chapter. Only a Certified Fraud Examiner who is in good standing may hold the position of training director.

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